5983 Dogwood Drive
Milton, Florida, 32570

Sunday Worship:
9 am Morning Worship
6 pm Evening Worship

Wednesday Celebration (Sept - May):
5:30 pm Supper
6:15 pm Program

Pastor’s Friends

Pastor Ronnie is a ventriloquist.  Here are a few of his friends that you will meet in worship.


Freddie is a rather shy snail.  He can be a bit mischievous, but is very sweet.




Sheriff Joe is a rather law-and-order kind of guy.  Sometimes Pastor Ronnie has to remind him about grace.




Mr. Lou-ee is a French Fox.  Pastor Ronnie adopted him when he had nowhere else to go.  He shares a room with Freddie.




Short John Silver is a pirate Captain.  He has never understood much about church, but he is learning.




Uncle Chester is a sweet old family member of Pastor Ronnie who comes from time to time.




Mr. Schnookie is a fairly erudite (hmmmm- stuck up?) skunk.  He probably could use some more humility.




Beauregard is a Koala from Australia.  He often talks to Pastor Ronnie about other cultures.





Other Friends include:

Granny LuLu– long-time member of the church

Angelico Gregario– He just loves to sing.

Monty– He’s snake that struggles with the fact that not very many people like him.

Red– Just an all-around good guy.

Cutie– A friendly butterfly

Snowball– sort-of a grouchy prankster.

Porkchop– a friendly sheep that shows up sometimes.

And more keep showing up as time goes by (thanks to the wonderful generosity of Pastor Ronnie’s friends)!